BuyingReal Estate August 9, 2022


Are you looking to buy a home, but you’re just not sure if you’ll qualify for a conventional loan?  Still debating on whether you should continue to rent or try to buy?

Are you looking to sell your home right now and you need help with a couple of things that need to get done around the house before you put it on the market?

Hi, my name is Janine Rosario and I’m a Real Estate Agent here in the Orlando and Central Florida area.  I wanted to go over two programs that we offer, where we partner with my brokerage and other companies, to help sellers and buyers in this current market.


Buyers – Lease to Purchase Program

For buyers, who are not sure if you would be able to qualify for a conventional or FHA loan, we offer a Lease to Purchase program, where we partner with HPA, to help you to be able to get into a home.

HPA is buying the home, you’re renting it, but you have the option at any time over the five-year period of renting to decide if you would like to purchase the home or not. There are a couple of other requirements as well, check out this video for more details.



Sellers – RealVitalize Program

For sellers, we offer a program called RealVitalize.  RealVitalize is basically a program that will help to pay some up-front costs, if your home qualifies, to get certain repairs done around the house as you get ready to put it up for sale.

This includes things like new flooring, paint, handyman projects, cleanups, and more.  For more information on the program, check out this video.



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