Real Estate June 22, 2022


In the mid 90’s the Walt Disney Company founded the little town of Celebration—just 5 minutes from Disneyworld. Of course, many families purchase homes in the idyllic town to be close to the Most Magical Place On Earth, however there’s a lot more to Celebration than just its proximity to Disney.


Celebration is what’s called a “master planned community”.  It was built and designed to replicate small town America. That down home feeling that you just can’t put your finger on. The cozy, quaint, cute vibe that is present in small towns across the U.S.  All civic buildings were designed by renowned architect Robert AM Stern, who runs one of the largest and most prestigious architecture firms in New York City.


The town itself is wonderfully walkable. Making each and every corner of Celebration accessible on foot.  Celebration boasts tree-lined streets with a mix of local restaurants and shops. Everywhere you turn, there’s something beautiful to behold. Although Celebration can be quiet and relaxed at times, several events are held throughout the year for those who want to cut loose a little.


As for the real estate in Celebration, WOW. The homes range from beautiful colonial-style estates, to condo buildings with all of the modern amenities—and just about everything in between.  The residents of Celebration truly take pride in their homes, and it would be rare to find a single blade of grass out of place!  For visitors to the town that are thinking of living in Celebration, cruising down Celebration Avenue & Front Street is a must do!




You didn’t think I’d write a blog about living in Celebration and barely mention its proximity to Disneyworld a few times, did you?  One of the major attractions for both visitors and residents of Celebration is that it’s sooooo close to Disney!  I know most of the readers of this article will understand how awesome that is, but for those who don’t: Disneyworld is absolutely massive, and has almost every single attraction a person or family could want to enjoy. From theme parks, to rides, to golfing, to restaurants, and more.

Disneyworld gets about 52 million visitors PER YEAR!  Those are crazy numbers, but the appeal of Disney is so universal that travelers come from every corner of the globe to experience the MAGIC.



Hi, my name is Janine Rosario, and I serve the Orlando and Central Florida area as a Real Estate Agent. Celebration is one of my favorite towns on the planet!  There are so many gorgeous homes and neighborhoods that I absolutely adore, and having lived there for 4 years – I know the area like the back of my hand!  If you’ve been thinking about buying or selling real estate in Celebration, let’s talk!