Real Estate July 12, 2022


Are you thinking about moving to Florida, so you’re exploring taking one of those should I move to Florida quizzes just to see what it says?  Are you contemplating moving down but you’re just not sure if you should take the leap? Will I regret moving to Florida?  If you have ever had these thoughts then know you are not alone.


The other day I was looking at something online and came across a should I move to Florida quiz and thought, let me take it and see what it says. I’ve been living here for the past 15 years so this should be interesting. There were so many questions that seemed totally unrelated to living in Florida such as “Who is your favorite Golden Girl?” or “What is your favorite fruit?”  But at the end, you click results, and it lets you know if you should move to Florida or not and if you should, which city to move to.  I wondered if the quiz was going to tell me that I shouldn’t live in Florida based on the answers I gave, but I was surprised by the results.


If you’re looking to move down here, you need to know the answer to 2 important questions. The first question is the “why” as in “Why do you want to live here?”  The answer will be different for everyone as some people might want to move down to start a family, be closer to loved ones, or to retire in a warm state.  Whatever your why is it’s important to identify it early on.
Second question is am I willing to stay for at least two years after moving down?  If you come from a big city like L.A., Chicago, or New York, Florida is a lot slower paced.  It’s not something that you’re used to so give yourself time to settle in and get accustomed to the Florida lifestyle.
As for me, I have never regretted moving to Florida all those years ago.  It was everything I hoped for and more for me and my family.