Buying HOW DOES RENT TO OWN WORK IN FLORIDA Are you looking to buy a home, but you’re just not sure if you’ll qualify for a conventional loan?  Still debating on whether you should continue to rent or try to buy? Are you looking to sell your home right now and you need help with a couple of things that need to get done […]
Buying BUYING PROPERTY IN MEXICO AS AN AMERICAN Buying Property in Mexico as an American The Mexican constitution, written in 1917, gave communal or ejido land to every Mexican village for use only—not to sell. In 1973, a constitutional amendment (the Foreign Investment Law) allowed foreigners to purchase property anywhere in Mexico, except in the restricted zone—32 miles from high tide and 64 […]
Buying FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS ORLANDO Are you searching on Zillow every hour on the hour to find your dream home? Are you thinking about buying a new home, but you just don’t know where to start in the process? Hi, my name is Janine Rosario and I’m a Real Estate Agent here in the Orlando and Central Florida area.  I […]
Buying HOME INSPECTIONS ORLANDO FLORIDA Home Inspections At the top of the long list of items to do when buying a home, some would argue that the home inspection is highly important right next to securing a home loan.  But what’s involved? How much does it cost? Why is it done in the first place?  It’s important to understand what […]
Real Estate SHOULD I MOVE TO FLORIDA QUIZ? Are you thinking about moving to Florida, so you’re exploring taking one of those should I move to Florida quizzes just to see what it says?  Are you contemplating moving down but you’re just not sure if you should take the leap? Will I regret moving to Florida?  If you have ever had these thoughts […]
Local FUN THINGS TO DO IN ORLANDO FOR FREE Are you coming down to Orlando on vacation and you’re looking for affordable or free things to do for you and your family? Researching fun things to do in Orlando for free?  Hi, my name is Janine Rosario and I’m a Real Estate Agent here in the Central Florida and Orlando area, and I’m going […]
Real Estate THE PROS AND CONS OF LIVING IN ORLANDO MY HONEST TAKE A lot of people, especially in colder parts of the country/world, have probably thought to themselves: Is Orlando a good place to live? Sunny and hot all year round, Orlando, Florida is an awesome city with so many attractions close at hand. There’s fun for all ages around every corner, and as […]
Real Estate LIVING IN CELEBRATION FLORIDA WHAT’S IT LIKE? In the mid 90’s the Walt Disney Company founded the little town of Celebration—just 5 minutes from Disneyworld. Of course, many families purchase homes in the idyllic town to be close to the Most Magical Place On Earth, however there’s a lot more to Celebration than just its proximity to Disney.   Celebration is what’s […]
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